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We offer the complete range of transport and logistics

Whatever your transport and logistics needs, SAVELIFE creates a plan to assist you in working through your requirements. We have the most dedicated transport and logistics solutions in Zimbabwe.

Road Transport

We take your deliveries from point A to point B on time


Own a vehicle at 0% deposit


We are determined to create logistic solutions thst will add value to you as our customers.

Car Hire

Hire a car from our fleet today at very affordable prices


Tinashe Zanda Taxi owner

" Nomatter how hard I tried to save to buy a car to use as a taxi, I would never save enough. A friend introduced me to SAVELIFE's Rent-to-Buy service. I visited their offices, and after completing their documentation I received a honda fit at 0% deposit. Now I'm paying very affordable weekly instalments. Thanks to SAVELIFE for helping me realise my dream of owning a taxi of my own. "